Telerific Mobile Services

A simple, smart & afforable way to get mobile phone and data.

All for just an incredible $22.50 per month!

Unlimited internet with speeds up to 5G • 4G LTE

Internet Filtering available
Simple To Set Up and Use

We'll set up your phone first and then & ship it out to you quickly!

Lowest Moible Prices on the Market

Save money on your phone bill!

Number Portability

Keep your existing phone number & take it anywhere!

Calls are Clear and Reliable

Speak & be heard with clarity.

Includes the Lowest International Rates

Talk & keep talking to your loved ones overseas.

Loaded with Features

Includes Voicemail, Called ID, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, 3 Way Calling.

Save more with us!

Is it possible to keep my existing phone number?

This will be determined during signup. In most cases, it is possible to transfer your exisitng phone number. It generally takes 24 hours in most cases.

How long does it take to begin services?

If you've selected a new number then as soon as your device arrives, you are ready to go. Porting an existing number can take 24 hours in most cases.

How will I be billed?

You will be billed recurring every month beginning at activation. Bill will include standard monthy charge along with other billable charges such as 411, charged or international numbers. One time equipment charges will appear on your first bill.

Can I dial internationally?

Yes, with a pinless access number.

What areas included in my monthy charge?

You will have unlimited calls within the USA.

Have questions, or want to talk about working with us?