Standard Features

The following features come standard to give you fully featured phone service.

Caller ID w/Name

Incoming call displays name and phone number.

Unlimited *66 (Repeat dial)

Keep trying to dial a phone that's busy until it becomes available.

Unlimited *69 (Call Return)

Dial your last incoming call.

Call Waiting

Temporarily switch to another phone call.

Call Forward - Busy

Redirect an incoming call to another number when it encounters a busy signal.

Anonymous Call Rejection

Get rid of unwanted calls by automatically rejecting calls from numbers with Caller ID blocked.

Call Forwarding - No Answer

Redirect calls to another number when an incoming call isn't answered after a custom defined number of rings.

Message Waiting Indicator

Visually indicates new voicemail messages awaiting review.

VoiceMail with stutter tone

Stutter in dial tone indicates incomming messages awaiting review.

Do not disturb

Block all incomming calls.

Unlimited Canada calls

Call all providences of Canada as much as you want.

200 international minutes allowance included

Click here to see countries included in this promotion.

TXT enabled number

Send and receive text messages on your home number. Make your phone number text capable and see your text messages on our mobile app or web portal.

Wake-up valet

Use your phone as a wake up call.

Premium Features

We also have premium features available to enhance productivity.


$5 additional per month

Manage your messages, faxes and voice mail online. includes: Call history, visual voice mail log, fax inbox, call routing, block certain numbers of your choice, route incoming calls to your cell phone or VM.

Softphone for smartphones

$5 additional per month

Take your landline on the go with our softphone app.

SimRing / Find Me Follow Me

When you need your incoming call to ring to more than one phone, twin your home phone number to your mobile or other phone and place and receive calls just as you are at home. Works wherever you have an mobile phone signal (or WIFI on smartphone app) at domestic or international locations. Works with smartphone app or on regular non smart “flip phone” (*for “non smart” flip phones TwinRing will only work for incoming calls or if flip phone is programmed with home number)

Additional Numbers

An additional $2.95 per month per number.

Order additional phone numbers anywhere in the US & Canada that ring to your home number. Great for friends and family! Israel and UK numbers available.

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